Successful taster day attracted paying clients

Another update. How we ran a successful taster day and attracted so many paying clients.  I thought I’d share with you the planning and excitement of our first taster reflexology session.

By Lorraine Ryder
Butterflies Therapies
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Sharon and I (comprising Butterflies Reflexology) along with another student who we qualified with: Carmen Newton, planned our first taster session. We initially felt a 3 hour session as a trial would be best. We spent a few weeks with papers everywhere, contacting people and inviting them along on the big day for a 20 minute session each. Devising a time slot system proved very beneficial so as to avoid a lot of hanging around for people. We created taster consultation forms, recommendation sheets for after care advice as well as feedback slips (proving really helpful so we cold tweak things for future sessions to improve the service and the flow of things.) Taking into consideration time to re-prepare the couches and escorting our clients out, the lay out of the rooms and ambience all needed addressing.

It was quite nerve racking but exciting too. Our first big day…..we had to make a good impression and give the very best. Keeping in touch with our chosen contacts as the day got nearer: only asking in return that they just turn up on the day, having had plenty of water to gain the most out of their treatments and then enjoy it!

The event

WOW!!!! Well we have done our very first professional taster reflexology day now along with Carmen Newton at ReflexologyUK Ltd. It was exciting and although some butterflies were in our stomachs initially, they soon fluttered away! (Quite apt really as my and Sharons’ new venture is called Butterflies Therapies!!!)

Between the 3 of us, all our clients were warmly greeted, invited in to a welcoming atmosphere to receive some pre taster information about reflexology and what it is, its benefits, and what to expect in their individual session. This time was also beneficially used to complete and go through brief consultation forms, and supplied everyone with a few moments to browse over some of our information leaflets, hand-made cards and buy raffle tickets too!

The raffle tickets have proved to be a wonderful success with lots of people buying them over the last few weeks in the hope of winning free treatments or half price treatments. Our exciting draw day for this is on the 1st of July! We just had to bring this along to the taster day too to offer this opportunity to our chosen clients as well.

Everyones’ positive reaction when taken upstairs to receive their treatment was very rewarding to us. The layout of the room, the music, the atmosphere and ambience was perfect and everyone was able to relax almost immediately on the couch which was wonderful.
With one of the 3 of us remaining downstairs at all times greeting in new arrivals, and taking care of clients who had received their treatments and providing pre and post after care advice and recommendations and of course……water, this system worked so well. It left the other 2 of us able to carry out our professional treatments in the quiet relaxing room upstairs.

With no fancyifying….we know this worked so well, as several clients not only closed their eyes and gave heavy relief sighs….but a couple even drifted off! Even though their sessions were only 15-20 minutes long!!

The feedback slips we created were most helpful with giving us their individual thoughts about how we presented ourselves, the treatment itself, and all the information they received as well as finding out if people would be interested in future promotions or booking an appointment.

Follow ups

We followed the day by contacting each and every person who came to check how they felt after their day and how they slept that night: using their feedback slip comments as a basis. Invaluable! Within 48 hours we had 5 confirmed bookings for full treatments!!! Incredible!

We have since received several texts too with “thanks” for the experience and looking forwards to seeing us again.

On reflection: a fabulous brilliant and successful day. We came home “buzzing” and enthralled…..later in the day both Sharon and I were overcome with tiredness but the excitement and achievement remained with us!

The clients we had chosen were from such diverse backgrounds: and only 1 or 2 had ever had reflexology before. For those to who this was all new: they showed such interest and asked questions and were really keen to find out more and more and how it might be beneficial to their own individual circumstances: which is what it’s all about!

For me, it was a big learning curve. Firstly: the ground work is an absolute MUST! The devising of information, leaflets and forms and ensuring adequate quantity of these were available and labelled clearly to avoid confusion.

The phone calls to maintain contact also a MUST.


Setting aside a weekly calendar with “to do’s” on certain days makes the planning so much easier in bite size pieces to keep on top of everything: fantastic!
We also spent time devising a specific “taster only” routine to provide a real sense of relaxation from what would normally be an hours treatment condensed into 15-20 minutes…..not an easy feat: but by the clients reactions and subsequent bookings…..well I can only deduce we got this just right too!

We have been confronted with specific ailments which are not so well known: and this again has reinforced the important issue that ongoing research and learning needs to be continued all the time: but I have a thirst for this… I welcome it warmly!

We aimed at the top of our priority to achieve relaxation, and then included techniques to give body systems an encouraging gentle boost of efficiency which with the massage and efflourage would provide each person with a real taste and imagination of what a full treatment might be like.

I think this worked!

We came away from this taster so positive and have since realized our own personal confidence was boosted from it: an unexpected but most rewarding asset. Our focus and dedication to the finest detail has been noticed by many already and this is also an amazing achievement from our first taster trial day.

We have 3 more in the planning……looking forwards to sharing how these go with you!

Thanks again for reading ….it’s been good to reflect and share with you.


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  1. Fabulous work ladies! I look forward to hearing how the next sessions go.