ITEC Qualification

ITEC Qualification

ITEC Qualification

ITEC Anatomy and Physiology

ITEC Anatomy and Physiology is an excellent prerequisite for learning all about the human body before embarking on:
ITEC Reflexology, ITEC Massage, etc.

ITEC Business Studies

Want to run your own business in Complementary therapies? Then we can show you how, by
guiding you through a few simple modules in gaining an ITEC Business Studies Level 3 Qualification

ITEC Reflexology

Great if you want a career change, and prefer the hands on approach! Then ITEC Reflexology can give you just that! Learn these techniques of the hands and feet in 3 simple modules and find out how you can contribute to the wellbeing of others, through the healing touch of reflexology. This qualification will enable you to practice on clients and gain insurance.

Continual Professional Development

Continual Professional Development

CTHA accredited and accepted by FHT

Accedited Workshops

Accredited with CTHA and accepted by FHT these workshops are in:

* Hot Stone Reflexology
* Maternity Reflexology
* Light Touch Reflexology for babies
* Facial Reflexology
* Advanced Reflexology
* Hand Reflexology
* Thai Foot Massage with Reflexology

Will all help with your on-going training in obtaining Continual Professional Points to specialize in these areas. However, you do need to be a qualified Reflexologist!

Taster Sessions & Introduction Courses

Reflexology Introduction

FREE Intro to Reflexology Workshop

Want to make a career change or try a new direction in life?

Then try out this FREE 2 hr Reflexology Taster Session, where you will get the opportunity to give and receive reflexology in Bournemouth

This is an excellent preliminary FREE session before deciding to embark on an ITEC Qualification Course in Reflexology, Business Studies or Anatomy and Physiology

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No matter how stupid! We are here to support you with whatever stage you are at. Please do give us a call 01202 295910 or alternatively email us Or do you just want just a friendly chat. We would be delighted to answer any questions you have. Remember, we are just at the end of the phone.

Not Ready For any of the courses above.

Don’t worry, when the time is right. However, please do leave your contact details with and we will keep in touch with you periodically and let you know what’s happening in the world of reflexology.